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profanelysacred's Journal

19 November 1972
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altered consciousness, anal sex, animals, appreciation, art, asses, astrology, bdsm, beer, black clothes, black flag, bliss, bodies of water, body consciousness, boots, breasts, britcom, buddhism, concerts, confidence, creativity, creepers, dancing, dead kennedys, defying expectations, depth of character, dharma punx, dirty talk, diy, drinking, drug experiences, england, english heritage, equal rights, eroticism, esoterica, ethics, evolved people, experimentation, eyes, family guy, fantasy, flogging molly, fucking, genitalia, getting shitfaced, going commando, good conversation, good mates, green ideology, hedonism, honesty, honor, imagination, independent minds, individualism, insight, intimacy, ireland, irish heritage, joy, karma, kissing, laughter, lifting weights, loud sex, love, loyalty, lust, magnetism, making love, making music, metaphysics, mind sex, mind-blowing sex, mohawks, music, nakedness, nazi punks fuck off, no shame, non-conformity, not watching television, oral sex, orgasm, overcoming fear, paganism, passion, philosophy, piercings, pleasure, pornography, possession, progressive ideologies, psychology, punk, punk ideology, punk rock, punks, questioning everything, rare music, reading, records, reflection, reincarnation, relationships, respect, riot grrls, rough sex, scent, scorpio, seduction, self-acceptance, self-education, sensuality, sex, sex-positivity, sexual healers, sexual healing, sexual liberation, sexuality, singing, ska, skin, skinnydipping, skins, sleeping naked, slow sex, spirituality, swimming, tantric sex, taste, tattoos, the authentic self, the clash, the damned, the misfits, the occasional smoke, the ramones, the sacred and profane, the selecter, the specials, third wave feminism, touch, transformation, trying anything once, unconventional beauty, unconventional romance, veganism, vegetarianism, video games